Source code for attune._note

__all__ = ["Note"]

from typing import Dict, Union
from ._setable import Setable

[docs]class Note:
[docs] def __init__( self, setables: Dict[str, Setable], setable_positions: Dict[str, Union[float, str]], arrangement_name: str, ): """A particular set of motor positions. Parameters ---------- setables: Dict[str, Setable] The setables represented in the note setable_positions: Dict[str, Union[float, str]] Mapping of setable keys to positions arrangement_name: str The name of the arrangement used to make this note """ self.setables: Dict[str, Setable] = setables self.setable_positions: Dict[str, Union[str, float]] = setable_positions self.arrangement_name: str = arrangement_name
def __getitem__(self, k): return self.setable_positions[k] def __repr__(self): return f"Note({self.setables}, {self.setable_positions}, {repr(self.arrangement_name)})"
[docs] def items(self): """Items in the Note.""" return self.setable_positions.items()
[docs] def keys(self): """Settable keys in the Note.""" return self.setable_positions.keys()
[docs] def values(self): """Settable values.""" return self.setable_positions.values()