class attune.Arrangement(name: str, tunes: Dict[str, Union[attune._tune.Tune, dict]])[source]

Bases: object

__init__(name: str, tunes: Dict[str, Union[attune._tune.Tune, dict]])[source]

Arrangement of several Tunes to form one cohesive set.

Tunes may represent either motors or other arrangements, however semantic meaning is provided by the Instrument which contains the Arrangement, to the arrangement, they are all string keys mapped to tunes.

All tunes must have the same independent units, and must overlap.

  • name (str) – A name for this Arrangement, used to identify this Arrangement from other Arrangements which may depend on this one.

  • tunes (Dict[str, Tune]) – Mapping of names to Tune objects which compose the Arrangement


Dictionary representation of the Arrangement

property ind_max
property ind_min
property independent

Returns a 1-dimensional numpy array with the set of all unique independent points.

Points closer together than 1/1000th of the total dynamic range are considered identical.

Only returns points within range of all tunes.

property name
property tunes